Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)



KIWI is our acronym for Kids In Worship Instruction. At FWPC, Children’s Church and Jr. Church are purposeful. We do not dismiss the children to be entertained or distracted, rather, we view this time as preparation for our children to enter fully and wholeheartedly into worship or “big church” as it is commonly called here. In fact, the children worship with their church family until the offering in order to begin participating in worship.

At the time of our offering and lasting through the sermon, 4 and 5 year olds are dismissed to Children’s KIWI and the 1st and 2nd graders to JR KIWI. Teachers meet them in the fellowship hall and take them to class. They return during the final hymn to come directly to where parents are sitting or parents can meet them in the back of the worship area. We are equally supportive of parents who wish to keep their children with them throughout worship.

We also provide a Children’s Worship Bulletin to continue to encourage and instruct our kids to become active, involved, and joyful worshipers of our Great God!

Kids In Worship

KIWI Children

In KIWI Children we seek to teach the beautiful and true rescue story of the Bible, praying that these young ones will, at a very early age, value God’s Word, depend on it and come eagerly when they are older to hear it taught and celebrated in worship.

Junior KIWI

In JR KIWI we explore the character of the God we worship. We use Children Desiring God Ministries’ “Names of God,” “Promises of God” and “Providence of God,” praying that these children will grow in their life encompassing awe of God and understanding of their being made to worship God!