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This summer has been great but now we start to look toward the fall and we’ll kick things off as always with our six week morning Bible study (see below) followed by our Annual Beer and Brat. Scroll down to see how you can get connected with a Men’s Small Group.

Six Week Wed. Morning Fall Bible Study (August 28 – October 2 at 6:30am)

[Christians] Do we belong to this kingdom? Are we ruled by Christ? Is He our King and our Lord? Are we manifesting these qualities in our daily lives? Is it our ambition to do so? Do we see that this is what we are meant to be? Are we truly blessed? Are we happy? Have we been filled? Have we got peace?”

These are piercing questions from Martin Lloyd Jones in his book Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, the context for our study this summer in the “Beatitudes,” Matthew 5:1-12. For six weeks beginning August 28 – October 2 we will meet in the lecture hall at Ft. Worth PCA at 6:30a (breakfast/coffee provided) to go through the 10 Beatitudes that function as a guide for the Christian life and discipleship for the believer. The Beatitudes are a sort of “doorway” to the Sermon on the Mount that the follower of Christ is intended to come back to over and over, being reminded of their identity in Christ, the grace he offers, and the life we are to live as one united to Jesus. If any of M. L. Jones questions resonate with you or if you are simply interested in studying scripture with other men, join us. The doors are wide open.

2020 Men’s Retreat – Dates to be announced

We always have a ton of fun on our men’s retreats and this year was no different. We get to know other men better than we did before. We meet people we’ve never had a chance to meet at church. We relax and play games. But we also learn and grow. Keith Berger was our speaker this year. His teaching was wonderful and the breakout sessions that followed added a lot to our time as well. Make sure you don’t miss the 2020 retreat. Our speaker will be Hugh Whelchel, the Executive Director of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Make it a priority now and get it on the calendar as soon as the dates are announced!


Men’s Small Groups

We encourage every man in the church to be involved in the lives of other men. We need real relationships for discipleship and growth. We need chances to share all the good and bad things in life with one another. We need prayer and we need to pray for others. We have found one of the ways these things best happen is in the context of small groups (5-10 men) that meet regularly with one another. The groups may study the Bible, a book or a topic but the main point is not study but building relationships. If you’re interested in joining a group like this contact Ryan Moore (ryan[at] or 423-667-3044. and he will get you plugged in!

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The Men’s Ministry of FWPC was borne out of an effort to train and equip men to follow Jesus in all the uniqueness of their vocations. To that end, by God’s grace, FWPC’s Men’s Ministry is pursuing the following goals:

  • To give our men a deeper grasp and taste of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ so that they live it out in every area of their lives.
  • To equip men to be gracious, wise, and effective leaders in their HOMES.
  • To enable our men to exercise their gifts in the ministry of the CHURCH.
  • To equip our men to understand their responsibilities in WORK and society within a biblical framework.
  • To provide opportunity for life-changing RELATIONSHIPS with the fellowship of our men.