Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

The Gospel According to Joshua: The God Who Fights for His People

Join us this fall as we walk through the book of Joshua on Sunday mornings.

For many, the Old Testament can be a little confusing. Strange customs. Foreign lands. Seemingly fictionist dramas. Where do I start? The book of Joshua is a great place because it is a kind of fresh start for God’s people, Israel. This is a new generation with a new leader (Joshua) who is reminding Israel again what it means to be his people and live according to his promises. In this book, we see what it means to trust in the Lord as he promises to fight for his people’s salvation. This book is a wonderful picture of what is to come when Jesus ultimately fights for his people by dying for them on a Cross for their sin. Along with major themes of faithfulness, fear, and courage, Joshua will challenge us with many controversial issues such as His wrath in the destruction of the Canaanites. So much is in the book of Joshua! Join us Sept. 8 as we start this new journey with God’s people, together.