Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Prayer Walk November 10

Praying with your eyes open! In line with our initiatives of being a praying church and neighboring, we are inviting everyone to experience and participate in a time of prayer throughout your neighborhood or around the church on Oct. 13 and Nov. 10. If you have never done a prayer walk before, consider marking your calendars on these dates and plan to walk in your neighborhood with the purpose of praying for what you see – neighbors, businesses, schools, the runner that just passed you, etc. There are no real rules besides walking and praying. Of course, you can do this anytime. Fort Worth Pres. is simply committing to doing so on these dates, in and around your house, apartment, place of work, or school. How long should you walk/pray? Length of time is not really the focus. Just get out there and walk the block and pray for what the Lord puts on your heart based on what you see. On Nov. 16 we will meet at the church to discuss the experience and pray together.