Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Angi & Remy Ngumbu

The Ngumbus work for Wycliffe/SIL in Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their ministry is to support Congolese churches and language communities in doing Bible translation. Angi’s role as linguistics coordinator is to help with all the linguistics needed before a Bible translation project begins. This includes developing an alphabet and way of writing, as well as studying the grammar and discourse analysis. Rmy’s job is project funding. This includes budgets and relating to donors, as well as training in finance and helping language communities to find creative sources for financing their language development projects.

Angi says, “I really enjoy diving into languages that very few people have studied and discovering how they are all different. God has made each language unique and left and imprint of Himself in every culture. Part of my job is to discover those things.”

Pray for God to build up a vision for Bible translation in the DRC. Pray for the Ngumbus to always walk closely with God and to hear where He is leading them.