Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Ben Hailey

RUF, Texas A&M

RUF at Texas A&M University has been on the campus since 1987. RUF is a community of students seeking to love God and their neighbor through a variety of ways including Bible studies, prayer groups, as well as service opportunities. Ben and Beth Hailey have been RUF leaders at Texas A&M since 2008.

The focus of their ministry is to reach students for Christ and equip them to service, through evangelism and missions, fellowship and service, cultivating a biblical world and life view, and growth in the grace of the Lord Jesus.

The Hailey’s have been married since 2000 and have two children, Hannah and Nathan.

Ben says, “I enjoy watching the Holy Spirit work powerfully in a variety of different ways. Sometimes that work is overt and very public when students lives are radically different than they were just months prior. Sometimes that work is more like a swift walk, yet no less powerful. I love sitting down and talking with students about God’s work in their lives.”

The Haileys ask for prayer in these areas:

  • That as a community of believers on campus we would pursue the welfare of the campus by engaging those in our respective spheres of influence.
  • That we would be kind and open with our hearts and lives, believing in good faith that God has chosen to work through us in the lives of others.
  • For our ministry team, for growth and maturity in the knowledge of God and His particular ways of ministry. Pray that God would lead us as we make particular decisions about Bible studies, prayer groups, and events.
  • For us as a family, for hard work and good rest. For our marriage, that God would continue to strengthen our marriage and our love for one another. For our children and their response to the grace of God. That Beth and I would parent with love, humility, and patience.
  • That Satan would be cast out of our lives and ministry in all ways. That we would stand firm against his flaming arrows and persevere in the face of attack and suffering, resting in the promises and hope of God.