Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Gene & LuAnn Bowman

Hispanic Leadership Initiative (HLI) was officially formed in January 2012. Gene joined HLI in February 2013. HLI is a network of PCA churches, institutions, and individuals who are committed to raising up Hispanic leadership for Christ. HLI is committed to preparing Hispanic men and women for ministry in the PCA.

Gene and LuAnn were married in August 1974 and have three children – Jennifer, Sara, and Mark (all married) – and seven grandchildren.

Gene says, “Hispanics within the United States have, and will continue, to change the face of our nation. We, as the PCA, are lagging in our outreach efforts to American Hispanics and their inclusion into our churches. It gives me great satisfaction to be a part of an organization that can do something about that! The part I enjoy most is being able to organize this effort, and use my gifts in multi-media to proclaim our message. The vision that HLI feels called by the Lord to accomplish is huge. We ask God for wisdom, understanding of cultures, how to help Hispanic men wade through ordination in the PCA, how to help PCA churches better understand and adapt to the Hispanic communities around them, and the financial resources to make it happen.”