Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Steve Fults

Ministry Coordinator

Steve Fults accepted the role of ruling elder at Fort Worth Presbyterian Church in 1996. He, along with the other elders, shepherd the congregation and their children. In addition to that service, Steve works as the financial secretary and ministry coordinator. He is responsible for the oversight of the flow of financial resources in and out of the church. As ministry coordinator, he coordinates all the ministries of the church. This involves committees, individuals, and events. Steve says, “I have a heart for people to find and/or grow in their faith and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am able to utilize my organizational and spiritual gifts to encourage and move people to finding this greater faith and joy in word and deed.” (Galatians 5:6)

In his down time, Steve finds opportunities to enjoy his hobbies: reading, leatherwork, and traveling. He is nostalgic about Hill Street Blues and relaxes to folk music. And his favorite food? Steak and frosting (but not together). Steve is married to Terri; they share three children and two grandchildren.

“At FWPC, we emphasize that Christianity isnt fundamentally about a list of rules but a relationship with the living God. This is a hospital for the sick not a showroom. We bring our brokenness and sin to Christ, and He gives us rest for our souls while giving us grace to follow Him.” (Matthew 11:28-30)