Please join us for Corporate Worship at 10:00 a.m.

Why We Worship

We are never more the church than when we are worshipping together on the Lord’s Day. In corporate worship, God is both the primary object of worship and the primary actor in worship – meaning God is at work forming us more and more into the people he desires us to be. In worship we are reoriented to who our God is and what our God has done for us in Christ and by his Spirit – how he has called us, forgiven us, teaches us, feeds us, and sends us out into the world to bear his name as we lift high the cross of Christ. It’s through our worship together that God is actually advancing His Kingdom – against the forces of darkness out there, but also against the forces of darkness still in here. So, corporate worship is the engine of our mission, as a church and as individuals, for from it flows our growth in the gospel and our going out with the gospel.

What To Expect

Every week we celebrate the good news ofJesus Christ through responsive Scripture readings, confession, prayer, singing together, the reading and preaching of the Word, and the Lord’s Supper.

What can visitors expect? We want you to feel welcome to worship with us and learn about FWPC. Typical dress is casual to business casual – come as you are! You will see men in jeans, casual or dress pants, and even suits. You’ll find women wearing pants, skirts, and dresses. Greeters will welcome you into the fellowship hall and direct you to the sanctuary. We would love to have a record of your visit and follow up with you. If you wish, you may scan the QR code in the bulletin to provide your contact information, and stop by the vistors’ kiosk in the fellowship hall for a welcome gift. You can expect the worship service to conclude between 11:15 and 11:30 a.m. Our elders are available after the service to answer questions or pray with you.

Sermons: Preaching at FWPC is expositional, meaning that it seeks to proclaim and unfold the meaning and significance of the biblical text to engage the whole person. Sermons usually last 30-35 minutes and are meant to show forth how God, through a partiuclar passage of Scripture, reveals both our need for God’s grace and his provision of that grace in his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way, the sermon seeks to be both Biblical and transformational. This is what we mean by the term Gospel-driven… if a sermon is not Gospel-driven, and hence Christ-focused, it is not biblical.

Kids of all ages are welcome during the entire service, but childcare is available for infants-3 years old. Check-in is located at the hallway to the children’s wing near the main entrance. Ages 4-2nd grade may be dismissed prior to the sermon for KIWI (Kids In Worship Instruction) and will return when the sermon concludes.

Our Worship Livestream is at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook. You can use the link below to watch the service live or at another time.


Worship Bulletins
Sermon Archive

The heart of the Christian life is progressive formation in Christ’s image, and we grow in the likeness of Christ not only through information, but also through fellowship with one another.

Join us at 9:00 a.m.
Spring Holidays: March 12 (spring break), April 9 (Easter)


Pastor’s Q&A
Senior Pastor Brandon Eggar hosts an interactive discussion on the current sermon series in The Gospel of Luke in the Lecture Hall.

Young Adults
Designed particularly for those just out of high school to early 30’s, whether in college or working, this interactive class meets in Room 201 and will cover a variety of topics. It will be led by Collin and Haddon Ryan.

Christianity Explored
This seven-session course, in Room 205 with Don and Judy Judd, considers the big questions of life and utilizes Mark’s Gospel to explore who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. The Judds host this study in their neighborhood, and it is ideal for those new to the faith or anyone looking to lead a study like this in their own neighborhood.

Exploring the Gospels
We will enjoy discovering how Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John spotlight Jesus’ life and ministry using their distinctive vocabularies, writing styles, and emphases. Each class will include a background section to help you read and interpret the Gospels in context covering topics like origin, reliability, canonicity, and structure. In the discovery section that follows, participants will learn to ask meaningful questions when observing, interpreting, and applying biblical texts. Taught by Bob Schwartzbeck, this class serves all ages in Room 207.


High School Youth meet in Room 204 led by Travis Robnett, and Middle School Youth meet in Room 203 taught by JD Diamantopoulos. Both are discussing Confronting Christianity in the Modern World utilizing Ten Questions Every Teen Should ask (and Answer) About Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin.


5th-6th Grade (GAP) Room 209
Jeff & Amy Thom use the New City Catechism to, as Tim Keller says, “take truth deep into our hearts so we find ourselves thinking in biblical categories as soon as we can reason.” Students are encouraged to bring their Bibles to grow in studying them together.

3rd-4th Grade – Room 208
Candace Hilton and Neecia Eggar take children through the Redemptive History of the Bible to build deeper truths while learning more about having a relationship with God and growing in a delighted love for Him.

1st-2nd Graders – Room 210
Laura and Kristina Keffer help children enjoy God from the beginning through the stories of redemption in Genesis to Judges.

Pre-K and Kindergarten – Room 211
Beth Stackpole and Judy Judd use the Show Me Jesus Curriculum to help growing kids learn our God is great and we have an amazing Savior in his Son. Children will come to trust more deeply in their faith and Jesus as the foundation of their lives.

Nursery Class (3’s & 4’s) – Room 111
Our good and all-powerful God always keeps His word, and the way He fulfills his promises is better than anyone could have imagined! The Beginner’s Gospel Story Curriculum traces God’s perfect promises though the Old and New Testament stories. Even the youngest kids will come to know that God’s promises are for them and that all of them are “Yes” and “Amen” in Jesus.

Nursery is available for newborn through age 2 who will hear Jesus’ love in song. Check-in is located at the entrance to the children’s wing – see the table near the elevator on the opposite side of the main entrance from the fellowship hall.

Worship with Us!

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