Bradford Green
RUF, Texas Christian University

Bradford Green is the campus minister at TCU. Originally from Murfreesboro, TN, he graduated from Lipscomb University in 2008 and moved to the mountains of East Tennessee. After two years working at a PCA church there — and living in a cabin up a hollow behind Dollywood theme park — Bradford enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) and received his M.Div and call to RUF in the spring of 2013. He enjoys reading, Tennessee football, smoking meats, and fussing with his beard.

Cristina is a native of Houston, TX and graduated from TCU — where she was active in RUF — in 2008 and from RTS Charlotte in 2013 (ThM). She’s also a Master Gardener, and less formally a master at baking chocolate chip cookies and finding good food in Fort Worth. The Greens met working at Young Life’s Wilderness Ranch in Colorado and were married in 2011. From ’13-‘19 they planted a new RUF work at Hendrix College in Conway, AR. Bradford and Cristina have three kids: Weldon (b. 2013), Rosie (b. 2016), and Wilkes (b. 2019).

Ben & Anna Graber

The Grabers plan to join a church planting team in Berlin, Germany in 2014. This Mission to the World ministry focuses on reaching an overwhelmingly atheistic city through planting churches that glorify God and seek to bless their neighborhoods. Ben will work in theological education and mentoring and also serve as part of the church planting team. Anna will be involved in outreach through children’s and parenting ministries.

Ben notes, “In our previous service in Berlin, we saw the unique power of the local church as a Spirit-formed community to show non-Christians what kind of fruit the Gospel of Jesus Christ bears in real life. We love working with churches to equip and enable them to grow in loving fellowship and servant-hearted outreach to their neighbors.”

Please pray for the German evangelical community to long for and desire to participate in a church-planting movement that will reach every corner of Berlin with Christ-centered congregations.

Doug & Masha Shepherd

The Shepherds minister on an international church planting team, seeking to plant church planting churches in L’viv and the western region of Ukraine. This team seeks to raise up the next generation of missionaries from the United States and the Ukraine Presbyterian Church to reach Ukraine and the world.

Doug explains, “Our focus is planting a church planting church via hospitality based, modeling and training in the Ukrainian language. We are seeking to focus on children’s, women’s, men’s, university, orphan, and elderly ministry. We seek to have a worship service that is appropriate for the Ukrainian context that displays the transcendence and immanence of God while providing Reformed teaching that seeks to engage all areas of life with the Gospel.”

The Shepherds have three children: Chaz, Nika, and Sophia.

Please pray for the Shepherds as they love God and that they would grow in understanding of humility, forbearance, grace, and love. Also pray for the young believers as they seek to take leadership for the first time in their lives.

Keith Berger
Assistant Coordinator, RUF National

Gene & LuAnn Bowman

Hispanic Leadership Initiative (HLI) was officially formed in January 2012. Gene joined HLI in February 2013. HLI is a network of PCA churches, institutions, and individuals who are committed to raising up Hispanic leadership for Christ. HLI is committed to preparing Hispanic men and women for ministry in the PCA.

Gene and LuAnn were married in August 1974 and have three children – Jennifer, Sara, and Mark (all married) – and seven grandchildren.

Gene says, “Hispanics within the United States have, and will continue, to change the face of our nation. We, as the PCA, are lagging in our outreach efforts to American Hispanics and their inclusion into our churches. It gives me great satisfaction to be a part of an organization that can do something about that! The part I enjoy most is being able to organize this effort, and use my gifts in multi-media to proclaim our message. The vision that HLI feels called by the Lord to accomplish is huge. We ask God for wisdom, understanding of cultures, how to help Hispanic men wade through ordination in the PCA, how to help PCA churches better understand and adapt to the Hispanic communities around them, and the financial resources to make it happen.”

Angi & Remy Ngumbu

The Ngumbus work for Wycliffe/SIL in Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their ministry is to support Congolese churches and language communities in doing Bible translation. Angi’s role as linguistics coordinator is to help with all the linguistics needed before a Bible translation project begins. This includes developing an alphabet and way of writing, as well as studying the grammar and discourse analysis. Remy’s job is project funding. This includes budgets and relating to donors, as well as training in finance and helping language communities to find creative sources for financing their language development projects.

Angi says, “I really enjoy diving into languages that very few people have studied and discovering how they are all different. God has made each language unique and left and imprint of Himself in every culture. Part of my job is to discover those things.”

Pray for God to build up a vision for Bible translation in the DRC. Pray for the Ngumbus to always walk closely with God and to hear where He is leading them.

Ben Hailey

RUF at Texas A&M University has been on the campus since 1987. RUF is a community of students seeking to love God and their neighbor through a variety of ways including Bible studies, prayer groups, as well as service opportunities. Ben and Beth Hailey have been RUF leaders at Texas A&M since 2008.

The focus of their ministry is to reach students for Christ and equip them to service, through evangelism and missions, fellowship and service, cultivating a biblical world and life view, and growth in the grace of the Lord Jesus.

The Hailey’s have been married since 2000 and have two children, Hannah and Nathan.

Ben says, “I enjoy watching the Holy Spirit work powerfully in a variety of different ways. Sometimes that work is overt and very public when students lives are radically different than they were just months prior. Sometimes that work is more like a swift walk, yet no less powerful. I love sitting down and talking with students about God’s work in their lives.”

The Haileys ask for prayer in these areas:

That as a community of believers on campus we would pursue the welfare of the campus by engaging those in our respective spheres of influence.

That we would be kind and open with our hearts and lives, believing in good faith that God has chosen to work through us in the lives of others.

For our ministry team, for growth and maturity in the knowledge of God and His particular ways of ministry. Pray that God would lead us as we make particular decisions about Bible studies, prayer groups, and events.

For us as a family, for hard work and good rest. For our marriage, that God would continue to strengthen our marriage and our love for one another. For our children and their response to the grace of God. That Beth and I would parent with love, humility, and patience.

That Satan would be cast out of our lives and ministry in all ways. That we would stand firm against his flaming arrows and persevere in the face of attack and suffering, resting in the promises and hope of God.

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