A Vision for Women in the Church

Under the protection and authority of the session and deacons, and supporting the church’s vision statement, the Women in the Church seek to:

– complement and supplement the specific ministries of our church

– meet with and support our church in prayer

– offer help in protecting and encouraging women in their marriages, families, and other relationships

– equip women to teach and encourage other women

– support the children’s, nursery, and youth ministries in the church

– support women as they encounter struggles in various areas and stages of life

– nurture a love for the church

– encourage women to serve those in need within and outside of the church body

– share the love of Christ with unbelieving women

– encourage every woman in the recognition, development, and use of her spiritual gifts for the glory of God and the edification of the church body in love

– provide events and opportunities for building community and nurturing love among our women

Board Members

Co-Chairman – Rebecca York, Jill Davis

At-Large Board MembersKaye Jordan

CommunicationsLouanne Mason

DiscipleshipKatie Wade, Kelly Calvert

HospitalityKaren Domel, Cindy Lynn

In-ReachLeslie James, Sarah Jones

Prayer Abi Bechard

Special EventsAnna Nave, Rachel Jordan

A Covenantal Approach to Women in the Church

“Woman” was created to be a helper (Genesis 2:18) and is called to be a life-giver (Genesis 3:20) and supporting pillar (Psalm 144:12). In the covenant community, one generation of women is to teach the next generation about biblical womanhood (Titus 2:3-5). These are covenantal concepts that have pervasive and practical implications for the women’s ministry of the church.

Community and compassion characterize our helper design and are characteristic of the covenant of grace. They give focus and definition to women’s ministry as helpers in God’s church, to bring a deeper sense of community and compassion to the church family. A women’s ministry should be a life-giving, supportive ministry of the church, with core covenantal values such as:

biblical purpose — challenging women to glorify God in all areas of life and recognizing God’s Word as the authority for faith and life

biblical perspective — viewing the church as God’s covenant family

submissive — under the authority of the elders

integrated — consistent with and supportive of the doctrine and ministry of the church

corporate helpers — supporting and enhancing other ministries in the church rather than duplicating or competing

spiritual mothering — women teaching women about biblical womanhood through relationships and instruction

community — providing opportunities for women to cultivate edifying relationships with one another

equipping — preparing women to serve as helpers and live-givers in the home, church, and community

compassion — providing opportunities for women to extend practical compassion and love within and outside the body

welcoming — outward-focused, always seeking to extend the boundaries of the covenant to enfold women within and outside the church.

When women’s ministry is life-giving and supportive, the church will rise up and call these women blessed. Their works shall praise them in the gates (Proverbs 31:28, 31).

Adapted from The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood, by Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson.

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